Want to enroll in our Fashion Summer Session 2020 taking place from June 22nd to July 10th in the heart of Lyon ? You're on the right page !

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    General Terms & Conditions of sale:

    Inscription cost:

    €2,700 for individual registration.

    The price includes lectures, metro card, transportation & entry tickets to scheduled visits and housing.
    It does not include personal expenses and transportation from the country of origin to Lyon.

    A group discount may apply when 5 or more students of the same university are coming. Please contact us after sending the form so we can apply the discount on your invoice.


    An invoice for this deposit and a copy of this form will be sent to you after you've clicked on the "Send" button.


    Upon receiving your deposit, we will send you an invoice for the balance, you will then be able to tell us how you wish to pay the balance :
    - in a single time up before March 1st (a €100-discount will be applied to the full price of the session if you pick this option)
    - in two times, one payment of 50% of the balance before March 31st, the second before May 31st
    - in case of an enrollment after March 31st, you can only pay in a single time before May 31st (no discount will be applied in this case).

    You can only enter the course if all the required payments have been made.

    Additional costs & cancellation:

    Any additional costs, other than what is specifically included in the Session is not covered by Modalyon and will have to be paid and booked by you, as such we can't be accountable for any loss in the event of a cancellation or any other problem.

    If you wish to cancel your trip :
    - the €700 deposit can't be refunded in any case,
    - before May 1st, the balance will be fully refunded,
    - before May 22nd, 50% of the balance will be refunded,
    - from May 22nd, no refund can be made.

    We can cancel the program up to 15 days prior to its beginning if we do not have the required amount of enrollments (11 for the 2020 Session). In this event, we will provide a full refund but cannot be held accountable for any other losses: we encourage you to pick cancellable options (usually available when booking plane tickets or housing for example).

    Once the Session as begun, no refunds can be made in any case, including if you are absent to the courses or visits for any reason (even for a medical or personal reason).

    I accept these Terms & Conditions. I understand that sending this form is a legally binding act, which means both parties, Modalyon and Myself, will have to comply to these Terms.